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Who are we?

At Sweety Fox, we are committed to providing you and your family with the best products. Having a baby is a sudden life change, and as a new parent we can sometimes feel a little lost. We aim to develop solutions that will accompany you through this new future to make it easier for you. Our range aims to provide children and parents with what they need all throughout the child’s development.

Passion and commitment drive us to pursue ambitious goals, that’s why respecting high quality standards is a major point in our work in order to always take care of your baby, you and everyone around children. Comfort and safety are at the heart of parent’s concerns, so they have also come to be at the heart of ours.

In addition, our team of designers creates designs that are soft for children. They make a point of developing unique designs that tell a story.

Sweety Fox is also about

Searching for perfect quality in the smallest details Original and exclusive creations Premium and resistant materials Trendy designs that are easy to coordinate with your home interior


Our goal Families deserve the best Confort and security with elegance
To design, develop and provide you with products that meet quality standards Our products provide the best for your family, whether they have been created for kids or to make life easier for parents So that your child can discover the world in optimal conditions


Our goal is to enable your children to grow up in a healthy environment, that’s why our products have various certifications: OEKO TEX, GOTS, CE, free from chemical products.


With a view to taking care of you and your products, Sweety Fox offers a “100% satisfied or your money back” guarantee.