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What are Montessori toys ? 

Les jeux Montessori, c’est quoi ?

Maria Montessori is a famous doctor who invented the eponymous method. The fundamental principle of Montessori pedagogy is: Teach me to do alone and to think for myself. This pedagogy is based on the desire to help the child build himself and develop his autonomy, based on the observation of his development rhythms.t.

Montessori games are educational supports to accompany the growth of your young child in each stage. Among their many qualities, they allow your child to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills, promote manual and visual coordination and stimulate self-learning.

By offering your child a Montessori game, you will help him solidify his perception of the space around him. In the long term, it will be more dexterous and more intuitive.Generally, Montessori games are a great way to learn geometric shapes and symmetry concepts. They also train in the learning of colors.

As a parent, you can also show creativity and imagination by creating DIY games using the elements around you, many tutorials exist online! For times when you don't have time to get into this type of activity, don't panic,the gameMontessori sweety fox is made for your child, from 6 months!

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