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Reusable pouches

The pack of 10 SWEETY FOX pouches enables you to give your child purees in a fun and easy way. Prepare a large batch, write the date and name in the space provided and place your purees in the freezer to store them and never run out when you need them.

The pouches are reusable up to 30 times and their box is made of recycled cardboard. They are guaranteed to be PVC, Phtalate and BPA free to provide you with superior quality.

In addition to being adorable, the rocket shape allows the child to hold their pouch easily while eating. Designed with a double seal, the pouch closures are air-tight to prevent any leaks.

On your pouches you will find markings to avoid overfilling the pouches, but also to visualise the quantity that your child has eaten. Filling them is easy thanks to the large opening and the funnel included. Cleaning is also easy thanks to the cleaning brush provided and the pouches are dishwasher safe.